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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To the Bridge And Back

First I want to clarify sometime from Monday's blog before I get tons of negative emails. Savannah Georgia Hogs are very lean hogs, but the are very sweaty.
OK that's out of the way...Up at 4am to run solo. Today I was armed with a 201 Garmin. I'm trying to see if I can improve my pace if I use the Garmin. Today's "to the bridge & back" was 9.28 miles and my avg. pace was 10 min. miles. I don't think the Garmin help very much today. I did pick up the pace on a few spots but then the hilly section were a little slow. I'll have to test it on some other runs to see if I can increase my pace.

No Night Crawlers tonight (my wife has a meeting) I'm PIC "Parent In Charge"
I would like to run Thursday Aug. 23, 2007 at 9pm at Happy Days Anyone who wants to run with me email me at chefbill@playingwithknivesandfire.com

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Brett S. said...

So Nick and are are lean pigs with southern accents. No problem there I guess. You could have mentioned that it seemed to odd that the rain was only falling in areas where Brett was running. This could be noted by the street being soaked with water in a single trail that only lead to Brett's path through the city.