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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tuesday Night Track Workout

A very hot day today. I made it to the store today. Vince wasn't there to run, so we were on our own tonight. Once we got the the track Vince was there, but he wasn't running. I'm still working on what I'm suppose to do during track workouts. It's not always about running really fast all at once.
Today's workout
800m @ 5K (3:15:83)
1200m @ 10K (5:33:74)
1600m @ 1/2 Marathon (7:51:57)
1200m @ 10k (5:27:73)
800m @ 5k (3:22:13)
with 400m recoveries
Since Vince didn't run he acted as our coach. "Bill move your arms." "Didn't stiffen your shoulders."
Then the last lap he gave the slower runner a head start (I was in this group) , then he told the faster if they didn't catch us we all had to run another 800m.
We had a 16 year old kid that caught us.
Our cool down was only a lap are so, then we headed back to the store.
about 7 miles.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds like so much fun! I wish I could have been there for that!