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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Follow The Bule Line II

Monday Aug. 13, 2007
It's 4am again...I'm getting up to run "THE BLUE LINE II".

I met Coach Nick at Canal Park to run our 8 mile Akron Marathon Loop. This section take you South on Broadway St. into South Akron and Firestone Park then back up to Akron U to finish of the loop. Nick had this great idea to use this route for a tempo run. I agreed, but wasn't sure if I could run a tempo this morning. Armed with his trusty Garmin we headed out at a good pace. I told Nick I will run this pace until my body tells me to slow down. Nick wore his reflector vest, good thing the Akron drives this morning were ruthless. We had to run some sidewalks. We kept checking our pace & time with the Garmin. I felt great. When I felt like I slowed down I check our pace with the Garmin then pickup my pace to kept on track. I had the same feeling when running the BUCKEYE 50K. I need to get one of these GPS gadgets. I defiantly think my solo runs would get better and not to mention I would understand my track outs.
We ran 1:11 avg. 8.38 min. mile pace. Now if I can do this in the marathon I'll be set for my sub 4 hour Marathon!!!!
This is a great mid-week training run, if you can get yourself up and your shoes on you've defeated the hardest part of an early morning run.
We well plan to run this loop again next week, if you would like to join us email me chefbill@playingwithknivesandfire.com


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Keep it up and before you know it you will be past the 4 hour mark!

Brett S. said...

Let me know what day next week and I'll see if I can join you. I slacked this week here in SC as the weather is 90+ every day. I put in 11+ miles yesterday and almost passed out. I'll tell you about it during our next run

Amy P said...

Just found your blog and just moved to Akron (Highland Square area). I'm only doing the Akron half this year (moving messes up full marathon training!!) but am enjoying reading about your adventures, and hope to find fellow runners and running groups as I get settled in.

Would love to hear your recommendations on routes in the area.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Amy P.
If your looking for running groups log on to www.verticalrunner.com