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Friday, August 10, 2007

What am I doing????

Monday Aug. 6, 2007
Who knew when I wrote "No Rest For The Wicked" it was addressed to me. I didn't plan on staying up for 34 hours. My plan was to watch the start of the race, nap a little, prep a little, nap some more. I just got caught up in all the race excitement.
I agreed to help sweep the course, pull up the steaks, ribbons, markers, and pickup any trash left behind from the weary runners. I also took it upon myself to volunteer Vince to help me, after all we still need to get in our miles for the day, he's not going to mind.
Vince & I meet at Bolanz and swept the Covered bridge loop and the road that takes you to O'Neil woods. It was muggy, I was moving slow. A muggy day like today would have change the out come of the race. We carried backpacks to carry the steaks, markers & trash. We were out for a few hours (don't remember how long). I was dog tired when I got home.

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