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Friday, August 10, 2007

Thurs. AM Run With Nick

Rolled out of bed at 4am to get set for my AM run with Nick. We are running portions of the Akron Marathon. This week starting at Merriman Rd. & Portage Path (15 mile marker) heading south on the towpath. The Marathon Course will travel north on this portion of the towpath.
Nick wasn't comfortable running in the lighting, he headed into PR fitness to run on the treadmill. I headed out onto the towpath. It was dark, rainy and I didn't bring a lamp. My eye soon adjusted to darkness and the sun was on it's way up.
Well this was boring...it's dark, I'm on the towpath, no music, no killer maniacs to run from, no one to talk or make fun of. the only excitement was the lighting in the distance. my plan was to run to Mustill Store and turn back, this would have been 8 miles. I got to Memorial Parkway (3 miles out) then turn around. I thought I'd just do 6 miles. Heading back I noticed a bouncing light; familiar to the ones that were floating down Front Street towards the BR100 Finish Line. At first I thought it must be a BR100 racer on his 144th hour. It was Nick he changed his mind, well PR fitness wanted $15.95 to run a treadmill. I headed back out with Nick so head could get in his 8 miles. The rain stopped the lighting show ended, now I have someone to made fun of...Thanks Nick.

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