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Friday, August 10, 2007

Wed. Evening Trail Run

Wed. Aug. 8, 2007
I ended Monday's blog with "Dog Tired" I stayed dog tired until Wed. morning. I couldn't moved Tuesday. My weekend finally could up to me. Tuesday was a much needed recovery day.
Wed. I met Vince & Beth at Boston Store for a Beth's trail training run. I wanted to see how my older trail shoes felt with my new inserts. They were OK for a short run, but I don't think I should use them on a long trail run. I'll need to get new shoes soon. (Shhh...Don't let Jen know.)Beth is training for a 50 mile race in Michigan some time in Oct. 2007.

Here is Beth(Right) racing Melissa to the finish line at the Buckeye 50K

Another muggy day, We headed from the Boston Store north on the buckeye trail towards Jade Trail. Vince also took us on an adventure to see a large waterfall and some trails that connect to the Buckeye Trail. We were soaking wet from sweat not the waterfalls. We ran for a 1:25 about 8.5 miles.

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