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Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday AM 8 mile Loop

Rain Rain Rain...
We got to sleep in today, we met at 5:30am instead of 5am.
I thought it would be one of those rainy runs. I checked Dick's Doppler before leaving the house. It showed a little bit of a break in rain showers, but once I got to Canal Park Stadium we had a nice steady drizzle. Nick & Brett wore their Seattle style rain parkas, I was going to wear my Long Sleeve Vertical Runner Tech-T, but I opted for my short sleeve tech. 3 miles in I had 2 sweaty Savannah Georgia hogs squealing about how hot it was in Akron Ohio. After shedding the layers my two southern friends were comfortable enough to run at a decent pace. Nick just ran the Perfect 10 Miler on Sunday so this was his recovery run. Brett just got back from vacation on Sunday.
We ran the same 8 mile loop as last Monday. In the Marathon it's mile 3 through 11ish. We got to run through the beautiful Firestone Park Neighborhood. ( Hey anyone know why there's a scuba diving store in the middle of the city? It's on Brown St. & Stanton Ave. No where near any water.) We also ran through part of the wonderful University Of Akron Campus. Once we got to main st. I kicked it into high gear. I told Nick there are two spots on the Akron Course I want to beat. 1. I'm going to fly down Market Street Hill. This is Mile 24 in Highland Square. 2. I'm going to continue the pace down Main St into the stadium. On Main street I will still have to run about 1/2 mile before I get to the stadium. Last year I had to run these two sections really easy. Not this year. This is a section I will pick up lost time.


Brett S. said...

Thanks for the invite and for the tour of your old stomping ground. I let you and Nick take of on the end because I was feeling really tired but then I realized I was just a winp and kicked it in to chase you down. You guys shut it down at the end of the run just in time so that I could feel like I was gaining on you.
Thanks for the invite. Maybe I will feel good enough at the end of the marathon to try and turn it on like you.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Brett your welcome to join us next Monday AM (or anyone else for that matter.) 5:30am bright & early!!!!

At the end of the Marathon, just think that the stadium is filled with hot chicks waiting for you to...Arrive.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Amy P.
If your looking for running groups log on to www.verticalrunner.com

Brett S. said...

That's funny Bill. But hot chicks wait for me everywhere I go.