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Monday, April 2, 2007

Sunday April Fools Day

Sunday April 1, 2007
I didn't get run run with the Sunday AM Trail Group. The kids sang in choir and waved palm branches at Church. Mike ran with the group, you can read his blog here: fitfromfat . I ran Pine Lane with Vince(Vertical Runner); we head out around 3 pm. Vince is training for a 50 Miler in Virgina, April 14, 2007 and the Trail Marathon in Michigan April 29, 2007. Last Sunday I ran this trail with the dogs; I found a great spot to snap a picture and I forgot to pickup their leashes. So today I went back to get them. Someone must have picked them up, I did find them.
We did find a nice gravel & paved hill that runs down to the Towpath. It's a portion of the Valley Bridle Trail that runs next to, I believe its the turnpike bridge. Great spot for a picture of the Towpath and the Cuyahoga River (I didn't bring my camera). I achieved a milestone in my running quest, I ran all the hills!!! I didn't walk at all. It felt great, I've been slowly trying to achieve this goal for a few months. We ran from Pine Lane Parking lot to the end of the trail at the guardrail then down our new hill. We thought about running the Towpath back, but we had run back up our new hill after running down. We made it to the parking lot in 1:03:18. That included time to look for the leashes. I think all total it's about 5 miles. Although my schedule had me running 34 miles for the week, in total I ran 40 miles this week in 3 days (Thurs. 20 mi./Sat. 15 mi./Sun. 5 mi.).

When your out on the trails running there's more to talk about then running.
I think I freaked Vince out. I started talking about the dog food recall, I asked if his brand of dog food was on the recall list. I told him I started to make dog food for my dog's just in case. Vince called me later after surfing the net, he found some websites (http://www.thedogfoodconspiracy.com/dog-food-secretsii.php) talking about how manufactures make pet food. After reading this Vince wanted me to make a batch of dog food for his dogs. I'll write more later, I have to go now, I have to made 5 gallons of dog food.
I also have to get my winter gear out again Monday & Tuesday temps are in the 70's then Wed. & Thurs. Flippin Snow and temps. in the 30's.

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