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Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday Night Running The Roads

Thursday April 19, 2007
The great thing about running is all you need are some shoes on your feet and your off running!!!! Well some of us need a little more than just shoes...shorts, a tech t-shirt and for me I can't run without this

My water bottle. I bought this bottle after I started running 10 miles. Now I run with it all the time, if I'm running 2 miles, 5 miles trails, streets, treadmill...OK maybe not the treadmill. I have to have it. The mesh pouch holds my gels & my car key. The black case hold my camera. The feathers keep the bottle light weight while I'm running.

I wanted to run trails tonight, but I needed to get back home to get the kids to bed. So ran the roads, I started from my house ran through River Front Pavilion. This will be the Finish Line for the Burning River 100 August 5, 2007.

You can see them, But there are two teenage kids on the stage playing guitars (I should have taken a picture of them). My destination tonight is Silver Lake. Sunday April 29, 2007 I will be running the Michigan Trail Marathon. The start of the race will be in a place also called Silver Lake.
Here's Silver Lake.
I ran from River Front to Front Street/Rt.59 then left on Silver Lake Blvd. looped the lake then headed up Rt. 59 towards Munroe Falls Ave. This will take me back toward my house. As you can see in the pictures very nice running day. I ran for 1:19:44 total trip was 9 miles. I felt great running there were some rolling hills, but mostly flat.

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