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Friday, April 27, 2007


Thursday April 27, 2007
Today the Kids & I stopped by Vertical Runner. I had to get my marathon socks. I started some type of superstitious ritual by purchasing a new pair of socks for my long races. I also pick up a new pair of road shoes. I was going to purchase a new Vertical Runner Shirt, but Vince said our(VR Training Group) new VR Training Shirts with the new logo were in so I'll be sporting this shirt for Sunday.
Today is also cross-training day. I stopped by the NAT (Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium) to lift some weights, bike and ab workout. I do have to admit, I haven't been very consistent with my cross-training. I know it's very important part of being a healthy fit runner. This year I will address this issue. My goal is to focus more on cross-training and less on mileage. What I mean is I'm still going to run, I'm still going to follow my training schedule, but my long runs are not going to as long as they have been. My short runs will consist of track workouts, and some hill workouts.
I haven't been as committed to my spinning class on Tuesday & Thursday at 5:40am-6:40am as I'd like to be, but would like to add it to my cross-training. I know I have a ton of resources and a lot of great runners & ultrarunners to point me in the right direction, all I need to do is be as committed to cross-training as I am to running. Today's blog will serve as a reminder.

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Kim said...

That is one thing I have tried to be consistent with, is my strength/core workouts. The fact that I finished in a more "upright" condition than many of my 100 mile runners made me proud of that fact.