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Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Night Trail 101

Vertical Runner Trail 101
Friday April 20,2007
People are always asking about my blog title "Running With Knives & Fire"???
"Is it because your a chef?" Yes, These tools for my trade, large sharp knives and really hot fire!!! Is it because your companies name is "Playing with Knives & Fire"? That's to obvious, I'm not even going to answer that one.
As a runner I need to go beyond my profession. I am turning into a Trail Junkie. Yes you'll see me running the roads, the towpath, and even the track at the NAT. But I'd rather be on a trail. My second Marathon is going to be on trails. There's nothing like CUTTING a trail, BLAZING down a hill or BURNING up a hill. one other reason...It's a cool title...Don't you agree?

We had a great group tonight 9 runners + 4 dogs. We start out from Pine Lane at 6:15pm then looped the Valley Bridle Trail. A perfect day for a run. A little warm we were sweaty, but all I thought about was the two coldest days in February I had to come out here to run back to back 15 miles for 50k my training. You're not going to hear me complain about the heat this summer.
I stopped my watch at 50:11:05. This loop is about 5.5 to 6 miles maybe shorter. It's a great trail for new trail runners or anyone who wants to try to get addicted to trail running like I did. There's a little bit of everything on this trail. A little Mud (If it rained lots of mud), some water crossings, some tree trunk bridge crossings (short one's). There are two challenging hills, and some technical running through the pines, you'll have to navigate the pine roots.

Here's our lead pacer Dexter

Here's a picture I shot as I was running.

Marta is trying to hex me with her super powers.

Here is Paul Navigating the Pine Roots

"Over the Bridge".....

"And through the woods"


Anonymous said...

I am jealous! I wanted to run last night, but decided I would rather be fresh for the 20k today. Kim and I ran for fun, and didn't push our pace...we were laughing most of the way, and discussing pacing strategies for our 100's.

I will be blogging it shortly, and also the 20 mile run of tomorrow morning.

I am really liking your blog by the way! Looking good.

Kim said...

It looks like a totally fun run!! Mike and I had a few more rocks on our race!