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Thursday, April 12, 2007

To the Bridge And Back

Wednesday Night 8:30 Pm April 11, 2007
I set out for my run with all my gear; Water, gel, headlamp, gloves, wool socks, rain jacket, MP3 player. Our weather has been...well it SUCKS. A little rain tonight, I started out listening to the Doors "Rider On The Storm". It was wet but not stormy. The temp was in the high 40's. about a mile into my run I had to adjust my jacket I was getting to warm.

Cool night picture...
I shot this on the bridge crossing the Cuyahoga River next to the Sheraton Suites Hotel.

I ran Broad Blvd. across State Rd. turn left on 26 st. to Chestnut then back to State road.
The next bridge is the High Level Bridge that connects Akron to Cuyahoga Falls. The bridge spans across the Cuyahoga River, Cascade Valley & the Gorge. It's one of these end it all type of bridges. Very long way down, lots of trees to brake stuff.
I covered 11.23 miles. Run time was 1:45
(I stopped my watch to take pitures)

Once you cross the High Level Bridge, you're in North Akron(AKA North Hill). State Rd. turns into Main Street. Main takes you to the All American Bridge (AKA The Y-Bridge). Then into Downtown Akron.
The Y-Bridge spans across a neighborhood, gives a great view of the downtown skyline and is another end it all type of bridge with a different result--Splat!!
The Y-Bridge is also the first leg of the Road Runner Akron Marathon. What a great feeling to run across the bridge.

Earlier in the day the law enforcement personnel (AKA The Cops); closed the Y-bridge and brought in the bomb squad. There was some type of suspicious package/box or something on the bridge. Turn out to be a box of junk.

Heading back home the light rain returned as I listened to Peter Gabriel's song "Red Rain". We have some awesome places to run in this part of Ohio; as long as I can get my shoes on and head out the door it will always be a "Beautiful Day" (U2).

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Kim said...

Great post and pics! You're up there with Keller on those action shots. I need to get with the photo sessions!