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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dawn Patrol Running Howard Street Hill

I had one of those night when you set your alarm, lay your head on your pillow, close your eye and the alarm goes off. But I had to rise, wake up the sun and start this day with a run from Mike's House. Today we ran from Cuyahoga Falls (State Rd.) across the High Level Bridge into North Hill. I am in my tapering week so I have to run about 7 miles today. The weather was perfect for running. The temp was in the 40's no wind or rain.

We ran over the Y-Bridge and head towards Canal Park. Canal Park is home to the Akron Aeros and the Finish Line for the Road Runner Akron Marathon.

Here's Mike & I standing at the Akron Marathon Finish Line marker. As we were taking this picture we were being heckled by someone standing across the street at the Mayflower (The Mayflower use to be a fancy hotel in the 20's, 30's & 40's now it's a low income apartment complex.)

Our next trek was to tackle Howard Street Hill. This is a picture from the 1940's of Main Street & Howard Street.

Here's Mike fumbling with his camera while running up the hill.

This was our view running up the hill. The traffic light is the top of the hill. This picture was taken while running, we were about mid-way up the hill.

Here's the view from the top of the hill, as you can see the sun is about to come up behind the city. We ran from Howard Street back to the High Level Bridge in the Cuyahoga Falls. It was about 7-8 miles Mike will have it mapped on his blog
We didn't run real hard, Mike's Running a 20K in West Virgina on Sat. Then on Sunday he is running 20 miles of the Burning River 100 . We talked about food, our kids, training and of course running. we stopped the watch at 1:11:10 (running time).


Anonymous said...

Hello... Just stopped by.How are you ? (*.*)



Anonymous said...


your blog is really looking sharp! I will have to keep up regularly now....damn I have so many blogs to read. I really like your pictures you found of the Y bridge...did you notice you can see howard st. in that photo too? I may scavenge that photo over to my blog...forgive me.

Awesome running with you as always.


officer joe said...

Alright...Mike and Chef Bill (prob alias names), I want you both to turn yourselves in at the local police station. You boys in a heap a trouble! You both broke multiple laws on the run this morning...I saw those bare legs & short shorts (indecent exposure), trying to steal the Akron Marathon marker under the cover of darkness (theft), and you were obviously on top of a downtown building to get that aerial pic of Y-bridge (trespassing)! We've got pics of all of these offenses, so don't even try to deny it. And to cover that distance in that time (speeding), you're BUSTED!!