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Friday, April 6, 2007

The First Annual Cuyahoga Indian Run

Mike & I set out on our First Annual Cuyahoga Indian Run. (click Mike's name to read his blog)We got started a little after 6:00pm from the first Indian-head on Front Street near Bailey Rd. As we were leaving Mike said he had some type of surprise for us at the end of our run. I had to wonder what it was. My first thoughts were a celebration beer (an Indian Ale maybe?), shots of some type of homemade corn liquor, or an Ohio made wine from one of the near by wineries? I had to ask, but mike wouldn't say. If it was any type of alcohol drink, he would be celebrating alone. Mike assured me that it wasn't and to wait until the end of the run to find out.

Our Portage Path The first map was close to 24 miles, we changed the route as we were running and ended up running 25 miles.

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to take this picture of me & my street.

Our route took us from Front Street, in Cuyahoga Falls, to The Boy Scout Camp on Rt. 303. We headed towards Wyoga Lake Rd. then to Truxell for some trail running in Virgina Kendall.

This was our second wood carved Indian Monument in front of the BSC.
We were all geared up in many ways for this run. We had our April 4 spring winter & snow gear, Mike brought his CamelPak filled with water, I brought 70 oz. of new sun-tea sports drink ( I end up drinking 50 oz.). I made homemade Indian Flatbread (Thanks Vince! great idea) and we had gels, clifbars. I brought Indian feathers for us to wear; some type of spiritual good luck charm. The feathers were authentic, genuine feathers from a dream catcher made in China. Now we need Indian Warrior names. Mike is a professional pilot, AKA Grounded Eagle. I am a professional chef, AKA Running Blade.

Our route took us to Lock 29, then South onto the Towpath. This is a picture on the long bridge just north of Ira Rd. Snow, Wind, Cold...

The next landmark was an Indian Statue carrying the canoe towards Portage Path in the Valley. This is at the corner of Merriman Rd. & Portage Path. This is where Indians started there portage south to the Tuscarawas River.

When we planned this run, it only had two wood carved Indian-heads (Front Street & Market Street). We kept finding more and more landmarks around the area. The Arrowheads represent the original Portaging route the Indians used.

There is only two ways out of the valley flying...("Well Mike, where in cornbread hell is our chopper!!") or climbing Portage Path hill. Mike couldn't get us a chopper, so we had to climb the hill. We walked most of the hill; we still had a good chunk of portage Path and Market street to running, we wanted to reserve energy.

Once we got up the hill we ran Portage Path. On the way there are million dollar homes, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, more arrowhead markers and Yes, Bailey Ave.

"Almost there." Here we are at the corner of Portage Path & Market Street. There is an Indian statue with a bow & Arrow.



Running down Market Street around 10:30pm, we were hit with a snow storm. It was windy and the snow/freezing rain was pelting us in the eyes. IT HURT!!

Final Destination, Market Street, Fairlawn OH. 5 hours (we stopped for lots of flat bread and photos).

As I mentioned earlier Mike had something to celebrate our efforts. He made these necklaces to serve as a finishing metal. It has the date 04/04/2007 and an eagle & feathers. They look really cool.


Anonymous said...

I will be there for Indian Run 2008, I wonder who else will join us? Maybe with a tiny re route somewhere we can do the Indian Marathon! I felt great after our run, the next afternoon, I was feeling nothing....

Kim said...

What an interesting route and what cool landmarks. The only one I have seen is the one at the towpath, where the Akron Marathon goes through.
I need to get up there and run with you guys, that looks like a fun course!