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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

5 Miles

5 Miles...
I'm running 5 miles tonight. I remember my first Five Mile Run. I go so excited, I came back and said to my wife, "Guess how far I ran today?" "FIVE MILES!" "All the way up Broad Boulevard to State Road, down to Grant Street." "Yes, all the way to Grant Street."

I'm getting ready for my Michigan Trail Marathon Sunday. I feel like I'm cheating on my training, only running 5 miles. I ran from home tonight. Ya I wanted to head to a trail but I had to work this morning so my running schedule had to be rearranged.
Here's me Running up State Rd. I couldn't get the google map thing to work right some, I'll just say I ran my neighborhood. 5 miles in 48:26:92
I'm running sooo fast here...I think I'm do about a 70 miles an hour.
A great night shot of River Front Square.

All of my training runs are in for the week. I'll have some cross-training to finish up the week. I'll head to the Nat in tomorrow and Friday for my cross-training(Friday I may sneak a small lite run in)

SUNDAY AFTER NOON I'LL HAVE TO ADD ANOTHER 26.2 STICKER. I spoke with Vince about the course he said it was like the Buckeye Trail. Very runable. I plan on finishing somewhere around 5 hours. We will see come Sunday. All I know is I will Finish....

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