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Friday, April 13, 2007

Under The Bridge

Thursday April 12, 2007

It seemed appropriate to run under the bridge to today since I ran over it late night. The Gorge Metro Park Highbridge Trail is located 1270 Front St. just south of the Gorge Metro Park parking lot.
If I had to name a home base trail it would have to be the Gorge Metro Park. It's a mile run from my house and there are 3 main trails to run. The Glens trail (1.8 mile there & back), The Gorge (1.8 mile loop) and the Highbridge Trail (3.2 mile there & Back).
The Glens Trails
The HighBridge Trail picture I place the camera in tree with a V branch)
My friend Vince is always looking looking for a good water source when he's out running. Vince you can find this sewer fall on the Glens trail. Drink up!!

Here's the High Level Bridge

Going up! There is a few steps involved There is a trail next to the strairs, when I run this trail I always take the trail. I leave the stairs for the Hikers & the Park Rangers.
Very nice day today. It was warm with no rain. I ran a total of 8.8 miles I didn't check the time.

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