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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sat AM Group Run

Today, we have the slow group and the really fast group. I of course, ran with the slow group. Nick, Bret, & Al. Bret is training for his first marathon this year. He's going to run the Rite Aide Cleveland Marathon in May. There will be a lot of VR Training Group runners running in Cleveland this year. I'm not going to run, but I'm planning to attend to cheer the runners to the finish line.
We ran a nice smooth pace of 9.5 to 10 minute mile. Bret has a GPS so we can keep tabs on pace & mileage. We ran the Towpath north to Boston Store. Boston Mills Rd. to Bike & Hike Trail, to some road that lead to the Carriage Trail. Carriage trail back to the Towpath about 15 Miles. My ankle held up just fine no pain or swelling. We thought we were going to see a deer/car crash, a deer darted out in front of us as a car was coming toward us. the car just missed the deer by inches.
We hooked up with Vince and his dogs on the Towpath, I ended up running with him & Al. We picked up the pace leaving Nick & Bret behind. I stuck with them for a little while then slowed my pace and turn on the tunes! 2:33:23 No camera today.

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