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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pre-Dawn $526.40 Run

I started this mornings run with a simple e-mail to my new running friend Mike. "Hey Mike I have to drive my car to the garage to get it fix, do you want to join me (at 5:45am) then run back home?" Of course his answer was yes!! Mike's directions to his house were pretty self-explanatory...the house number, the color of his house , and oh ya the patriotic flag out front, and "I'll leave to porch light on".
I couldn't see anybodies house numbers...The color of his house blended in with the pre-dawn landscape...I found six porch lights on...Luckily he was the only one flying a flag.

We check into Joe's Auto in Stow

Then we headed down Graham Rd., my plan was to run through Silver Lake. We had a great start, then we were stopped by the cops. I didn't think we were running that fast. We were stopped because, apparently there is no running on Graham Rd. We had to turn off on a side road and had to rely on Mike's piloting navigational skill's to get us to the lake. We got around the lake with only one other cop stopping us to make sure we were running on the sidewalk. then headed back towards Cuyahoga Falls towards Front Street & Riverfront.

This was our next photo stop next to this big Indian head near Rt. 8 & Front Street.

We split up near Riverfront Amphitheatre, the FINISHLINE FOR THE BURNINGRIVER 100. Then we each ran home. I'll have to calculate the mileage, but I think we ended up with around 6-7 miles this run. Mike Count on more pre-dawn/early am runs!!!!

I felt great, I change my training and add in a Tuesday & Thursday 5:40 am Spinning class and a Tuesday night yoga class; I thought I would have been wipe-out, but I could have ran longer. I had to get back home to get my wife to work...only one car. By the way the $526.40 in the title...that was the cost to get the car fixed at Joe's Auto.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't tell you how expensive I am to run with I guess. Ha, it was a great morning, count me in next time. I even emailed you a good run idea!