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Saturday, March 24, 2007

VR's Sat AM Group Run

Today was the Vertical Runners Trail Group Run. We started at 7:00am and had about 15 people running today. The plan was to run an hour loop on Pine Lane to Hudson Park then head back to Lock 29 parking lot to hook up with Southeast Running Cub at 8:00am. I ran with Nick and two ladies new to trail running. Vince and the "Trail Gazelles" took off way ahead of us.
The trails were nice and muddy!!!
Great trail running weather...a lite mist, warm, lots of mud!!! Nick almost bit it on a wooden bridge. The bridge was damp, we were running side-by-side, he slipped swung his hand back and popped me in the face and I grabbed his arm. He would have been on the ground if my face wouldn't have stopped him. Vince came back to see how we were doing, I ran back to the Lock 29 with him so we could run with the Southeast Running Club. Nick & the ladies were not running with us after the trail run.

Here's Nick and the new trail runners

Mother Nature carving a new route for us to run; this is a tree and its roots pulling the trail down the side of a cliff.

Once we were ready to running we head out on the towpath (my favorite running route...NOT). Vince and the Running Club were way ahead of me again. I ran with Al, he was with our 7:00am trail running group. Al and I had a hard time keeping up with them, so we decided to slow the pace and run to Bolanz Rd. then turn back to lock 29. That would give us a total 12 miles for the day.

Al& I at Lock 29 with the Might Cuyahoga River behind us.

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