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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Trail Running With The Dawgs

Dog lovers will tell you, "Your dog will always be there for you." Ya you got to clean up their poop, but they are always ready for a trail run!

I have two miniature schnauzers Sara & Monet

This is Monet She's our pace leader, she's fast!!!

This is "Sara"

Sara's a little older than Monet, today she wanted a leisurely stroll through the buckeye trail and to hunt squirrels. We started our run around 5:00pm. I thought we were going to run into some problems with two hikers on the trail (the dogs love to jump on people) but they were ready to run and didn't bother the hikers.

Monet made it across one of the log bridges, while Sara took the conservative route...

We ran for about 30 minutes then ran back to Pine Lane parking lot. It was a little muddy...not to bad.

FYI: I did run up this hill after taking the picture. Great day with the Trail Dawgs!!!

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Josh said...

Hey Bill,

LLTH was a great race. You sure picked one heck of a challenge for your first 50k! What are your up coming racing plans? Maybe I will see you at another race not to far down the road.