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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Buckeye Trail Summer 50K

I decided today I will run the Buckeye Trail 50K July 14, 2007. Last year I ran half of the course preparing for my first marathon(Road Runner Akron Marathon). I was going to run the BT50K winter Jan 28, 2007, but I had other obligations that weekend. I did run the Lovin The Hill's in Kentucky Feb. 17, 2007.
I remember running with a guy last summer who ran the BT50K a few years ago. He told me a story that he and his wife were having a party on the day of the BT50K. His wife didn't want him to run the race. He told her he was going out for a route long run and will be back later. He ran the race, helped his wife setup the party, and wore his race shirt (that had the date of the race on the shirt) to the party.
I'm going to tell my wife... "Honey I'm running up to 7/11 for a gallon of milk, I'll be back in 7.5 hrs."
I never imagine myself planning a 50k or even a second 50k. when I started training for my first marathon, I thought I would run the marathon and that would be it. Here I am training for my second marathon (Michigan's Trail Marathon April 29, 2007) and I will be running my second half marathon (the Columbus Half Marathon April 14, 2007).
I have people ask if I'm going to run the Burning River 100 or any other 100 miler race. I have to say, not this year, and I can't say I'll never run one. I want to run a few more 50K's and next year I want to run a 50 Miler, then I'll see how I feel about a 100 miler.

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