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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wetmore Trail Run

I was so proud of myself yesterday...for most of the run I kept up with the gazelles. It was a great run...until this mornings run. My legs were screaming at me to stop, my back hurt, and I had one of those pulled ass-muscles...I was a mess. Don't get me wrong I had a good time running...as long as I ran slow. Part of the group (Jamie, Matt, Marta, and Brett H.) ran an hour, it was tempting to run back with them but I needed some miles. LOOK EVERYONE JAMIE'S RUNNING FASTER THAN BRETT H.

Oh No Water Crossing......
"What in cornbread do we do now?"

The pack was Trail-cheetah, Bob Clark and Lindsey (and another fast guy I just met that day). The last time I ran Wetmore, was last year. I went out for an hour run and end up lost for 3 hours. Very easy to get turned around, run the wrong trail. The Pack would turn around and make sure I was OK. They didn't want me to get lost again, they know I had to get make to bake more PURE FUEL ENERGY BARS.
Thanks For not leaving me out there!!!! We were out for about 2 hours I'll count it as 12 miles for today.

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