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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Top Ten Reasons I Like Running Trails With Monet

FYI (MONET IN MY TRAIL RUNNING DOG, Shes an all black Miniature Schnauzer and loves to run. I'll post tonight's picture later.)

Tonight Monet & I ran Pine Lane to Boston Store then back on the towpath. I thought we would have some light but we ended up running in the dark. She spotted several deer but was very responsive when I shouted out commands to follow me and leave the deer alone. Very muddy trails tonight. My shoes were very heavy with mud.

10. She loves the mud.
9. She doesn't mind peeing in the woods.
8. She's a great listener.
7. We get to shower together after our run.
5. After 7-8 miles it makes for a calm & quit ride home.
4. She's always ready to run, not prep, no schedule issues.
3. She never whines or complains about the hills.
2. She loves Pine Lane.
1. She never quits.

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