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Sunday, December 23, 2007


I chucked my training schedule out the window this week (Sorry Vince). My schedule had me running 50 miles with a 22 mile long run. With all I had going on this week I couldn't get it done. Not to fear I still ended up with 48 mile week.
Sat. was going to be a 6:30am run with Mr. Rucci then hook up at 7:30am to run with the Lock 29 group. I ended up snoozing the alarm to many times and got to lock 29 by 8am for a solo Pine Lane & Brandy Wine Loop run. 13 miles...The trails are muddy!!!

Sunday's AM run started at Boston Store to Ottawa. The Group (Cinda, Kirt O, Jim Chaney, Maria, Don, Melissa, The big bald guy, Debbie, and a few others). Brett was MIA.
It was around 51 degrees, rainy, very muddy, wet. I was the smart one...All were bundled up for a hike in the Arctic, I wore shorts and a long tech. I didn't think it was going to get cold just wet. everyone was shedding jackets left & right. Jim & I headed back from Snowville. 10 miles.

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Brett S. said...

MIA... Hell I was in bed... Let's see waist deep river crossings in pouring rain and huricane winds. Stories include dislocated fingers, coyotes etc... Warm bed and breakfast with the family.