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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Water Falls Trail Run

Nick Billock came up with a great trail run to wrap up 2007. The 17 mile 3 hour 15 minute trail run covered the BT Winter 1/2 Marathon Course, up to Blue Hen Falls then to Buttermilk Falls.
Here we all are bright eyed and bushy tail at 6:30am ready to run from Lock 29. There were a few of us who forget the sun doesn't come up for quit some time. This would include myself, I forgot my headlamp. The group split into two groups. We headed up to Pine Lane to start out the run, which was good for me, I've ran this trail in the dark a number of times. I stuck with Mel, she had a lamp and was running at a good pace for me.

I had to get the camera out for the water crossing just in case someone fell in.
Had to get some muddy shoe shots. we were all covered in mud.

Our first stop Brandy Wine Falls

(Nick B., Vince R., Stephen, Arron, Bret H., Mel, & Chef Bill)

Our second stop Blue Hen Falls

Mel turn back, and we pickup two more late arrivals

My camera is up on top of a cliff, I had to setup the timer and jump down and over huge rocks to get to the spot I'm in in 10 seconds. That's way I look blurry.

(Brandon, Stephen, Bret H., Nick B. Vince R, Arron, Mike, & Chef Bill)

What a great picture!!!!

Vince Rucci's favorite hill. It's the Bridal Trail next to the turnpike. This took us up to the Bridal Trail heading back to Pine Lane Parking Lot.

What a great way to retire a pair of shoes. Time for a new pair of shoes.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year


Kim said...

Sounds like a good run to end 2007. Good pics, and I love that muddy shoe shot!!

E-Speed said...

You guys must have been flying. We had to stop at Boston before Blue Hen and Valley and look at the maps because we had no clue where we were going! Did you Garmin the run? We ended up taking Pine Lane BT back from the Pine Lane parking lot instead of the hill and went to the old 303 and down that hill to Lock 29. Then tacked on 3 miles. Hopefully it was close to 22 total for the day :)

Nick Billock said...

Yea, we had a few Garmin 205's at use. 17 solid miles logged!

Mike said...

Bill, This was a lot of fun! Thanks for taking the photos.