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Thursday, December 20, 2007


24 degrees this morning.
While all of you where snoring, scratching and creating the goo that stick in the corner of your eyes; I was out running.
Up at 4am armed with my winter gear, a garmin, and PURE FUEL ORGANIC ENERGY BAR, APPLE-CINNAMON. I headed out towards Downtown Akron OH. My plan was to run to GOJO Plaza. My wife, Jen works in the Marketing dept. there. It's about 14 miles round trip. I say about because the 24 degrees wasn't nice to the garmin. I think it got to cold and shut down. I got right back into the groove, the only thing I noticed was my legs ached at the end of the run. Other than that I was fine.
Sidewalks were very icy streets were OK but had some patches of black ice.
Monday was a 5 mile run around Silver Lake, then a 6 mile run in the neighborhood on Wednesday Night.
I'm back on track with my training schedule. Next week Jen will be home so I can run during the day on trails.

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Brett S. said...

Bill, I'm home all week with the family.. maybe we can hook up for a run this week some time. Let me know your tentative schedule.