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Sunday, June 15, 2008


6/9 to 6/15

I didn't plan 46 miles this passed week, it just happened. Especially if you go back to Monday evening, I headed out to what I want to be an eight mile run turned into a thunderstorm two mile run.
Wed PM was a Silver Lake 7 mile run.

Thursday I had an opportunity to run twice in one day. I ran with Nick V. at our 5:30am HPL 6 miler, then I met the BT50K group for a Thursday PM trail run.

Friday I was greeted with 6 great words...CAN WE TAKE THE KIDS TODAY? Grandma & Grandpa came over to take the kids out. This gave me an opportunity to run during the day. It was very Hot & Humid. I headed to Boston Store the plan was 5 mile Brandywine loop run. I ended up with 7 miles. I ran into a couple looking at the CVP map at the closed Standford Rd. They wanted to get back to Brandywine, I pointed them in the right direction. Then I forgot to detour up the hill and ended up back at brandywine myself. I turn around and headed back.
My legs were heavy, I had a hard time trying to run fast. I gave up on the run fast to just run and enjoy the scenery.

Sat. AM I met up with Nick V. at 6AM from lock 29. We started with a six mile out & back on the towpath then a nine mile loop on the roads. The Major Rd to Oak Hill, back to Riverview Rd. Instead of staying on Riverview we hopped back on the towpath

Today for Dad's Day my plan is to hang out with the kids no running planned.

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