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Friday, June 20, 2008


I've set aside Thursdays for double run day. A 5:30am run on the towpath and soon along the Akron Marathon route, then a second 6:00pm run with Jamie Carr's BT50K training group. So far so go. I'm not sluggish or tired during or after the second run and I feel fine on Fridays. I am not running this years BT50K, I'm in charge of BT POST RACE GRUB. I do plan on running some other 50K this year not sure which one. (ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS ON WHICH 50K I SHOULD RUN LEAVE A COMMENT OR EMAIL ME) Jamie Carr Fueling before heading out from Jaite. Here's our group heading out for the BT50K training run.Rose had a crash on the trail. Ouch.We ran a total of 8.64 miles

Jen & Elisabeth blazing down the trail.

What a great run see everyone next week.


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Chef Bill Bailey said...

I would like to run YUC-C, but I'm running Akron the following week. I might get crazy and run both.