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Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Time Trail Running In NEO

It's Friday...I've been teaching 4 year old kids at our Vacation Bible School. So my refuge from these wonderful precious monsters is a nice group run.
Thursday I ran 5:30am with Nick V. and we were honored with "Carriage Trail" Rob (Rob's favorite trail is the carriage trail). We met at HPL and ran 6 mile South on the towpath. GUYS NEXT WEEK IT'S 8 MILES...
Thursday Evening was Jamie Carr's BT50K Training Run. Jaite trailhead to Boston Store 10ish Miles. Doppler Radar didn't have to show us we were going to get wet and maybe get hit by a tree falling along the blue blaze.
Here we are waiting for Brett Hines& Arron Hawk. The longer we wait the closer the dark clouds rolled in. (Rose your hair may get wet)
Running into the storm

Boston Store break...Back to Jaite
Rose won the cleanest leg award. You can pick up your prize at Vertical RunnerHeading out towards Snowville Rd. just before the rain.
I didn't get a picture, but on the way back Susan & I were following Brett back on the grassy trail to the parking lot. Brett made some type of wrong turn and led us into a patch of tall prickers and weeds. Susan worried about lime disease & ticks I was worried about snakes & badgers at my feet. We finally got to the road just passed the parking lot.
So lets recap Tues 5:30am HPL 6miles
Thursday 5:30am HPL 6miles
Thursday Evening Jaite 10+ Miles
Sat AM will be 8 miles on the roads from home (I may change and run Glenn's, Gorge & Highbridge).
Sunday's plan is the BT50K Training Oakgrove to Pine Lane 20+

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Susan said...

First of all, we ran like 12 miles if you factor in the panic of getting lost in the last 1/4. Secondly, why do these pictures look like it was clear and sunny?!!!

As always, thanks for the documentation. I feel tougher for having been there!