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Thursday, January 17, 2008



Our first 2008 VR TRAINING group was good size group.
Ran ran 6.5 miles to Kendell Lake & back.
I started a 6:30am, ran Pine Lane with Brett & Melissa, then Melissa and a few others ran the Towpath to Boston Store after the group run.

Tuesday Jan. 15 5:30pm

The sun started to set so I had to bring my headlamp. I headed to the trails from home, it was of to Glens trail & Highbridge/Signal Tree trail. The snow lightened up the trail enough for me to keep my headlamp off. The conditions were very good...the temp. was about 24, snow covered but not to muddy or icy. I had to get in a 13 mile run so I looped highbridge/Signal Tree twice. On the second loop, my eye could what I thought was a dog but for anyone who runs the trails we all know we run with coyotes. I would say it was about 20-30 yards from me. I turned on my light to scare him/her away. My next encounter I thought was a "Yetty" but turned out to be a hiker. I was going to offer him a PURE FUEL ENERGY BAR, but I thought a guy running up to him reaching into my fuel pack would cause him to mace me.

Once I got back onto Glen's Trail I saw the biggest raccoon I've ever see in my life!!!! It had to be the raccoon that has been supplying the steroids to Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens. It was huge, he was bigger then my dog.

Wednesday Jan. 16 5:30am
Wednesdays are my busy day with the kids. My goal is to try and get up in the AM to run and get it out of the way. I ran a 5 mile loop. It was a 5 mile route I ran my first 5 miles back in 2006. While running this loop I thought back to my first few months of running. I ran my first mile on the track at the Nat. Once I worked up to running 4 miles I took my training to the out doors. I remember telling my wife, "Jen I'm running all the way up to State Rd!!!!" State road is about 2 miles from the house. I also remember the first time I ran with the Lock 29 Group Vince ran with us, I think it was about 6 miles. After our group run Vince headed out for a three hour trail run. "WOW"...."THREE HOURS; I COULD NEVER DO THAT!!!"
Here I am training and planning for 3 50k's and 4 marathons for the year 2008.

To all running their first mile, planning their first marathon......

Jan. 18, 2008 Friday 6AM DREADMILL RUN
Friday's plan was an easy run from the house to the Gorge & Glen's Trail.
I peaked outside and it looked like a sheet of ice. I opted out for the DREADMILL. The machine in the basement I hang my running clothes and towel from. The only nice part about running on the mill was I got to wear shorts. I put in a gruelling 5 miles.


Kim said...

WOW, that was a nice sized group out for a run!!

Anonymous said...

That was a huge group! Can I run with you guys unofficially if I am around sometime on one of those?

Hey, that was a really nice recap of going from 1 mile to where we are now (and if you are like me, I feel like I have a long way to go!!!)

Also, I have been meaning to post somewhere...you have the texture/consistency of the pure fuel energy bars PERFECT!!! They are so much nicer to eat now than even Clif bars....I love em.