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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


SAT AM 01/05/08
Trails or Roads.....
I tried to pin down what shoes to wear, I checked with Vinnie Friday to see if we were running Trails or Roads. No chance of getting a straight answer from him. Of course I wore my road shoes and Vinnie planned a trail run. I will now plan to bring ALL my shoes just in case plans are changed. I took a group that wanted to run roads and Vinnie took a group that wanted to run trails.
I ran with Margaret, who works for American Heart Association. She's training for the Cleveland Marathon. Evan, who's a friend of Margaret and will also be running Cleveland.
Denise, Sherry, and two others I don't remember their names.
We started with the run up Major Rd. Hill to Riverview then to Akron-Peninsula about a nine mile run.
Next Sat. we will start our VR Training Group Runs Visit VR TRAINING for more information.


Brett S. said...

I'll see you at 6:30 AM Saturday.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Bring your trail shoes we'll head out on the trails first.

Brett S. said...

Really... Okay I didn't even think about that thanks for the shizzle. I would have only had my road shoes. So dark trails for an hour it is. I'm supposed to do at least 14 on Saturday. Are you in? I figure I'll need at least 2-3 miles after the group is done at 8:30.