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Monday, January 28, 2008

BT 50K 2008

I'm fueled ready to go. I won't go as far as to say I trained my best for this race. I had some weeks in my training I didn't give my all. I am ready to run a 50K. I'm wearing my new PURE FUEL TECH T-SHIRT (You can buy one at PURE FUEL). Yes I'm wearing my Sherpa pack equipped with 2 fuel bottles, two packs for PURE FUEL BARS & Gels. and one for my empty packaging. Great weather not to cold, no wind, no snow. The ground was really hard. Really hard on my legs after awhile. I was out to run & have fun....Yelling at Bob Clark & Lindsy..."I'm going to catch up to you guy!!" She's not called E-Speed for nothing...I was razzing Elizabeth to catch up to me AND she did!!! E-Speed & her friend pasted me and kept on going. (I know I shouldn't give her my last PURE FUEL ENERGY BAR) Great job ladies!!!
Other runners I need to congratulate:
Wyatt Hornsby 1st. Place
Dave Peterman
Nick Billock
Greg Dykes
Bob Clark & his trusty side-kick Lindsey (Guys nice super hero costumes)
At 50K
(#41...Jan. 29th I'll be 41)
I need to check the official results, but my Garmin has 5:59:44.
Now I need to get ready for Lovin The Hills KY 50K Feb. 16, 2008


Josh said...

Nice job, Bill! those chocolate and Peanutbutter Pure Fuel bars at the aid stations really hit the spot! I already ate the Blue Blaze in the race packet, I just couldn't wait.

DaisyDuc said...

Great job out there!!!

Anonymous said...

I get no congrats for running my most comfortable 50k ever? Sorry I wasn't racing you...

Chef Bill Bailey said...

You adn Josh will get your very own post :)

Chef Bill Bailey said...

I'm glad you liked the bars....


Greg said...
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Greg said...

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Congrats on a great race. Ended being a great day. This was my first race where I started the day with Pure Fuel Bars. Think I gots me a new pre-race ritual (not that I am superstious or something...HA!)