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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Monday Night 9/17/2007
Tonight I was the fastest man in the world!!!!
OK maybe not the fastest. The plan was to run 5-6 miles with Vince at his house(no trails until after Akron Marathon). Once there one of the gazelles (Arron) from the Sat. AM group run shows up. My thoughts..."Great I'll be running alone." Then I thought I try to keep up with them and see how far I get. I know the neighborhood so it doesn't matter if they loose me I'm just without and ipod.
The first mile I know I would be bailing out a 3 miles. But what really happened was I stuck with them.
I felt really good, no pain, no stomach issues, I drank(water) all day. I was right with them. I wish I would have brought my Garmin. Vince said I would have my PR for my 5k, 4 mile & 5 mile runs. At the end Arron was pushing & coaching me a long. I was determined to stick with them all the way. Vince's Street has a nice down hill run. I started to fad but thought I would run my hardest back to his house. I thought for sure I was gazelle material, and I was for a few seconds...then they reminded me why I call them gazelles to begin with. The hammer came down and they were strides ahead of me.
Vince said we were sub 7 min./mile coming down his street and avg. 7.3-8 min./mile for the run.


Brett S. said...

What's your PR for 5k and 4 miles? I gotta imagine your faster then me at my 7:10 pace at the race for the parks.

E-Speed said...

nicely done! It's so fun to get in those fast runs with the speedsters!

Chef Bill Bailey said...

As you know I don
t run much short races...YET. Last years 5K was 24:11 (7:47 pace). If I wasn't flipping pancakes this year we would be racin buddy!!! I'll challange you in the spring.

I found there is less chatting with thees guys to busy running.