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Thursday, September 20, 2007

5:30 AM Run

This morning Nick & I met in the Valley and ran the towpath. I called Nick and told him I wanted to be "The Fastest Man In The World" again. Nick's job was to pace me at a fast speed. Our workout; the first mile was our warm up, then 4 miles at 7.30 pace then a mile cool down. Our plan looked better on paper. We start our warm up to fast. We did hit some 7.0 min/miles for some of our laps. Our final time was 8:33 min./mile for 6 miles. Still very good pace for me at flippin 5:30 am.
Thanks for the run Nick see you later.


Brett S. said...

Okay Mr B-Speed. Nick you and I are going to have to take on a 5k or 4 miler after you kick my butt at the Akron Marathon. It seems you, Nick and I are putting in some fast runs during the week. I actually got in 5 miles in Napa last night. Averaged an 8:02 pace and felt great. I'm pretty sure I could have taken you in the Buckeye thanks to your week of no running, no sleep, and preperation. My new goal is to beat the underperformers.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

OK Brett we have the 4 mile homerun for the homeless Thanksgiving day.
What's the bet...$1,000?

Brett S. said...

What are you betting on me to beat Nick again? Besides I wouldn't feel right taking your money. I almost feel like a hustler based on the last couple of races.