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Friday, September 14, 2007

Akron Marathon Training 2007

I'm still getting behind on my blogging. I'll see if I can get some time back in the computer room...I need a laptop that would make things easy. I think Santa reads my blog :)

Monday I ran with Hob-a-long Rucci. He was hobbling on sore legs from his 50K he ran on Sat. We ran a 5 mile loop around Silver Lake.

Tuesday I met Vince & Mike "the mailman" for an 8 mile run in Sand Run. Boy was it crowded. All the parking spaces were full. I said to Vince "what are all these ya-hoo's doing out here training for a marathon?" "Where are the all in January when were out training for BT50K?"
The Ya-Hoo's were all on the parkway path and we hit the trails.

Thursday AM I met Nick to run a 10 mile there & back route on the blue line from Sand run up to the west Akron neighborhood we will be running in the Marathon. I had some problems with my hip & IT. I got it stretched out after getting home seems to be OK.

Today I ran a 6 mile neighborhood run down around Mike (fitfromfat) & Tony's house.

FYI: Akron Life & Leisure write an article about VR Trainings running group. It's in the Sept. 2007 issue. There's a great picture of the group run and A few of us have some quotes. Pick up a copy or just read one while sipping a cup of joe at boarders book store.

Sat. will be a 14 mile long run with the group.

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