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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bark At The Moon

Just wanted to post this note.....

One of my trail buddy's, 9 year old Sara (she's on the right in the picture), has been at the Vet's office since Monday morning. Thursday night she got sick, and the last day she ate anything was Friday at breakfast. They have her on IV fluids for now and are trying to get her to eat.

I don't want to go into all the vet and medical problems, but she' really sick and I'm hope she can come home soon to run Pine Lane with me & Monet (she's on the left in the picture).


E-Speed said...

awwe I hope your pup gets better. Vet bills can be killer. Our cat Monte just had a cyst removed and it cost us way more than we anticipated. But what are we to do? They are family. I hope your dog is getting the best care your vet can offer and that she is back on the trail soon!

Brett S. said...

I'm was sorry to hear about your trail buddy's passing when I spoke with you. I hope your kids are doing okay with it as I know how traumatic it can be.