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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday Evening Recovery

3-5 miles recovery. That was my goal for Monday. I stumbled and limpt around all day. Stretched my legs out, took some advil, then I look at one of my kids toys. It was a small rolling pin, kind of like the Stick sold at the expo. I started rolling on my legs and it was working!!! My legs started to feel better.

People pay 30 bucks for this thing and you can go to Marc and find a kids rolling pin in the closeout section.

My plan was to run 3-5 depending on how I felt. I was going to run to and around Silver Lake. Then I decided to strap on the trail shoes and head to the gorge. I thought it was a little chilly when I was out earlier so I wore long sleeves and then the sun came out to warm me up. I ran from my House to Glens Trail & the Gorge Trail then back. Total 6 miles. At mile two I was feeling the pain I turn up the Ipod and kicked up my heels. I'm taking Tuesday off I'll do some core work with the big blue ball & hang out with the kids. My next run will be 8-10 miles Wed. @ 5AM

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