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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Cleveland Rocked me.
I wake up at 4:30am to get ready for the race. packed all my gear, ate a CAROB PEANUT BUTTER PURE FUEL BAR, checked the weather channel, then headed out the door.
A little chilly morning, I wore my PURE FUEL TECH SHIRT and a long sleeve shirt for the drive up. Driving through parts of Rt. 8 there was some heavy down pours I was worried the start of the race we were going to see the same.
I caught up with
Mike Keller in the parking garage, he was getting setup for the race. I hit the port-o-pot right a way, then headed into the galleria to stay dry. Met up with Steve Hawthorne, Mark Godale and Steve Godale. chatted with them for a little bit then headed back to the car to drop off my fuel belt. I decided not to run with the belt today. I felt the aid stations would be enough to get me through the race.
Once in the corral I was a little worried because the pace teams were no where in site. 5 minutes before the scheduled start they showed up. I decided to try and run with the 3:50 pace group. Brett Hines & Jamie (don't know his last name) paced the group. Mike Keller planned to stick with the 3:50 group so we teamed up and ran together. The race started about 5 minutes late. Once we got started the 3:50 group was a little bit a head of us we decided to slowly catch up because we were on pace. Mile 2 Mike had to make a pit stop, I told Mike I would stay on the right side so he could catch up. After a while I caught up to the 3:50 group. I didn't see Mike for a while, and my plan was to stick with the group. Mile 13-14 I fell behind the group. I started to cramp up in my right thigh. I slowed down to 9:50-10:00/min./miles. I then had to stop to stretch out my legs. I stopped 5-6 times. I traded my PR time to FL (finish line) time. At mile 15 or 16 Mike Keller caught up to me, we ran maybe a mile together again then I had to slow down again. I never did catch up to him. I got to mile 18 and hear a distinctive chatter. I look up and it was past E-Speed from SERC (Cleveland Southeast Running Club) She was running with couple another member of the club.
She told me to drink more poweraide to try and get rid of my cramp. Once I got to mile 20 I was toast. The brutal wind going off the lake would not let me run any faster. I decided not to stretch any more just run through the pain and keep moving. Just finish.
I did finish 4:20. Not bad for a poor training schedule, two days(Friday & Sat) on my feet at the expo.

Side note:
PURE FUEL made a very successful appearance at the Cleveland Marathon Expo. Our featured Organic Energy Bar was the New Black Forest Recovery visit www.fuelpureenergy.com for more information.


Anonymous said...

Bill, nice running with you when we could.

I bought the Black Forest Recovery bar from you at the expo, but never go to try it as I gave it to Tony after the race.

E-Speed said...

Bill you did a great job out there.

I need to try the black forest recover bar!