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Friday, May 9, 2008

Appointment with the bandman

I had an appointment with Sean Wade at Human Potential Labs Thursday evening. Sean's offering a core body workout along with some other new classes. I've been running since Feb. 2006 with little or no cross training. We all know how important proper training & nutrition is for a runner and some of us, like myself sometime opt out of the cross training part. I feel this is a good time, to start a cross training program and work on keeping myself healthly and free from injuries.
I finally got someone to fix my Michigan Trail Marathon time. I was signed in under an other William Bailey from Milford MI(#274) who was running the half.
I'm gearing up for Cleveland Marathon. Come visit me at the expo, I'll be there sampling PURE FUEL Organic Energy Bars on Friday & Saturday. Just look for the Vertical Runner Tent. PURE FUEL's Organic Black Forest Recovery is now ready. Packed with whey protein, chocolate, dark chocolate chips, and sweet cherries.
Yes I'll also run the marathon on Sunday. I'm hoping for a good day, this will be my first Cleveland Marathon. 2006 I ran the 10K.

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