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Sunday, November 25, 2007

One Month + One Day

It's been a month & a day since my last blog, and boy has MR. KELLER let me know. Just small little reminders, "Did you read my blog?" "Josh has got a great race report." "Why do you need a camera, you don't blog anymore?"

Well just for that... "Mike (Mr Keller) want to run at 5:45am Thurs?" Bring your camera I don't have one.

OK enough razzing Mike...I'm still running; this passed week was only 20 miles, because of the Holiday, and getting our new website up www.purefuelenergy.com
My average mileage has been 35-40. I'm training for the Winter BT50K Jan. 26, 2007. The last two Saturday morning runs have been the 13 mile loop of the 50K. It's 8 miles of Pine lane and 5 miles of Brandy Wine Falls loop.
This week coming up Nov. 26-Dec. 2 will be a 44 mile week.
I did buy a new camera but I have to return it. It only took two pictures before the battery died. I'll get a new one before Saturday.
I'll try to blog more. I've just been really busy.


Kim said...

Glad to see you are still around Bill!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bill.

Brett S. said...

If your looking to get in your 45-50 miles how about you put some in with me tommorow night... read your emails... Wednesday night group run?