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Monday, November 26, 2007

Press Release
Revere Middle School Health Safety and Welfare- PTA Event
Date of event: December 14th, 2007-

In an effort to promote increased fruit and vegetable consumption amongst young people,
The Revere Middle School PTA presents: “Iron Chef Revere – Healthy Cook Off”
to all 750 Middle school students on December 14th.

The Battle will begin at 10:50am at Revere Middle School.
The Chefs: Principal, Frank Surace and Chef Bill Bailey of Playing With Knives And Fire.

Their mission: To create a vegetable dish, that is good for you and tastes great!

All 750 students will be encouraged to taste the entrees and vote for the dish they like best!
The winner will be .... The first.... IRON CHEF REVERE!

We are grateful for Mr. Suraces support and enthusiastic participation.
We are indebted to Chef Bill Bailey and his efforts to make this event exciting and close to the
“authentic Iron Chef ” programs. Chef Bailey's skills as a chef for over 20 years and education
in nutrition , hospitality management and “serve safe certification” will help us efficiently
prepare large quantities of food in a safe and efficient manner.
Let The Battle Begin !

Chef Bill Bailey Frank Surace
Owner: Principle:
Playing With Knives And Fire Revere Middle School


Kim said...

oh COOL!!!! That sounds like so much fun!!!!

What is your secret ingredient???

E-Speed said...

That photo is hilarious. I bet this event will be a blast!

Josh said...

Well, if he told us what is secret ingredient was, it would be secret anymore, Kim!!

Go Bill!