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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blog Slacker II

I figure I'd better find some time to sit and write a blog before they shut me down.

I took a little time off after Akron. I ran a day or two the week after the Marathon, then I was busy with work & family. I also wanted to plan my up coming races and figure out if I can truly training for a 50 miler and stay married.

The 50 miler is still up in the air but I am running Home Run For The Homeless, Winter BT50K, Cleveland Marathon 2008, Michigan Trail Marathon 2008.
I got a training schedule fro VR Training so I can get back into a groove. I've been hitting the trails Pine Lane, Happy Days, The Metro Park Gorge by my house.

So I'm back on track with a five day a week running schedule 40 to 46 miles a week, then up to 50 to 55 towards my peak mileage.
I'm looking forward to running with Mike Keller(fitfromfat) sometime next week.
We are going to plan our two annual Indian Run. This your your invited and we will run during the day.
Our Night Crawler group will get back together soon I think we will run on Tuesday Night 9:00pm 8-10 miles Trails.
We are still working on the PURE FUEL Energy Bar. The Web Site should be up and running by the end of the month. I'm working on new bar favors and a trail mix to add to the line.
YOU CAN FIND PURE FUEL At Vertical Runner In Hudson or email me and I'll send you some.
That's it for now I'll blog sooner this time I promise.


Mike said...


If I can be so bold as to suggest flavor ideas...they used to make a Key Lime luna bar that I was HOOKED on, and you could probably do a Key Lime Pure Fuel bar!!! I will volunteer for taste testing.

It is going to be interesting to see how your bars do once the temps dip and we are running in the snow again....

E-Speed said...

I bought two of the bars at the store, they were delicious! I couldn't even wait for a run to eat them I had to have one on the way home and one on the way too my next run :)

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

I had one of your energy bars this weekend at Run With Scissors. I found them to be very good and satisfying. I had a cranberry. I was talking to one of the runners about a totally different subject and he told me that a nutrition guy has him eating cranberries as they take the lactic acid out of the body.

Too early for sponsorship? LOL

Josh said...

I can't wait to get my hands on one of those PURE FUEL bars!!

Brett S. said...


If you ever start blogging again I found a camera for you. I was at toys R Us and ended up getting a digital camera for Tori. They now actually sell these little like 2"x1-1/2" digital cameras for kids at a price of $19.99. They have no flash and you have to get it in Pirates of the Caribean or Cars (unless you want Hannah Montana or Tinkerbell) but how bad can the pictures really be? $20 for a tiny camera to run with and blog with. I just convinced myself to go back and buy one. I'm going for Cars. I love Mader... Kinda like Tomader but with an M.