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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sitting around watching cucumbers pickle in a jar...

Saturday was VR Training's 20 Mile Akron Marathon training run. We had a pretty big group (see picture at http://rtrsbm.blogspot.com/). Started at Canal Park Stadium and loop around West Akron and back. I felt good even after running a 50K the previous Sunday. I ran slow...I stuck with Brett & Nick V.
Ran with Nick & Brett Labor day (7 mile Silver Lake Route), Tues. Ran with Nick V. (5:15AM Call Farm Route). Wed. Noon will be trails. Thursday & Friday not sure...Sat. AM Trails.
I've been running my weekday runs with Nick V. and now the kids are in school I'll be have a mid-day training run. This will be good in the winter.

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