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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coffee & The Chocolate Factory

I'm ready for Spring. I ran at the NAT Tues. 5 miles. Wed. I was unable to get my butt out of bed to run at 5am and the rest of the day was spent with the kids.
I used Thurs. evening for a make up day. I ran 2:17 (13.14 mile) to GOJO Plaza.
Friday evening was a Happy Days Trail Run with Vince & Brandon. We ran 1:11; I have 5:08 on the Garmin but Vince thought it was more like 6-7miles.
Sat 6:30am a trek through the snow covered towpath 49:26 (4.59 miles)
Sat 7:30am 1:57:53 (12:13 miles) We changed the route and ran the Shamrock 15K in reverse.

Sunday 8:30am 10 mile run. Start from Boston Store then run to Blue Hen Falls, Buttermilk Falls then down to Brandywine Falls. We will make up miles with an out & back on the Buckeye Trail North towards Jade.

Total of 45ish for the week.

Coffee & The Chocolate Factory: I was drinking coffee and watching Charlie & The Chocolate Factory while writing this blog.

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Brett S. said...

Good luck tommorow. Sounds like fun but some smart guy today told me I should take it easy this week and then run a 4:30 on Sunday. We will see how that works out.