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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mohican Mote

I'm in full 50 miler training mote. I'm hoping nothing is going to stop me.

For the last few months Bob Cassill & I have been running 6 miles on the bike & hike on T W TH at 5:15 AM. We've be pretty steady and consistent. We’ve added Thursday night Crooked River Trail group run to get in a “Two-A-Day” run. Throw in a 15-20 miles on Sat AM long run and I think I’m in good shape for my first 50 miler.

This past Saturday was the Run For The Orphans 5K. I’m on the race committee along fellow runner with Nick Villanti. We had a great turn out for the weather, 180 counting kids. It was a little cold, but not too bad for runners. Because I helped organize the race I could put in my long run. I was able to run the course before the race and I ran about 2 extra miles getting volunteers to their post.

A few weeks ago Melissa Cairns asked me to run a 50K with her for her Grand Canyon training. Well it was Sunday… What a great course. Although I’ve ran these trails before, but not in this order. I met Melissa at Boston Store. I left my car there for an aid station. We drive to Lock 29 to meet John Buehrle. We ran Lock 29 up to Pine Lane, then to Boston Store. We stop for aid then headed to Brandy wine. This was my first time over the new bridge. Brandy wine back to BS then to Snowville Rd. Then back to BS. This is the 20 mile marker. John was toast…He ran 27 with a group the day before. We headed back to Brandy Wine then back to BS and Pine line. We’ll call in 50K, but Garmin called it 30.6.

I’m ready for Mohican. I keep a little thought in the back of my head…Once in a while someone (a fellow runner) will say something that just sticks to me. This time it’s Mr. Nick Billock. He said something to the effect of… “Chef, there’s one thing about you and running a race…No matter what you finish.” He’s right. I don’t have any DNF’s. I know once I start the race the next time you’ll see me is crossing the finish line.


Nick B said...

Keep it up, Chef! Smart, consistent training and time on your feet! Here's to your MO50 finish!

Anonymous said...

You are going to rock that 50 miler. You will finish and do well, I am sure of it.

mrs b said...

run chef run...

Sherry Carpenter said...

I will be thinking of you. If I am down at lake house that weekend, I will come watch part of the race to cheer you on!