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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sometimes It's Not All About You

I had a bad week last week. I only got in a 2 mile recovery run on Monday. I had to send my van to the shop to get $2,000 worth of work done to turn off the stupid check engine light so I can pass e-check, then got get my plate sticker. The mechanic had the van for three days. As I drove to get the van the muffler fell off on the Toyota Rav 4. So I pick up the van dropped off the Rav 4 and as we were driving the van back home the damn check engine light was still on!!!!

Now we’re on Friday 2 running miles for the week. Cranky kids cranky wife all I want is to run!!! By Friday afternoon all cars were fixed, but I’m beat up from all the taxi driving I had to do with one car.

Sat. AM I met Bob, Cindy and Debi at Sand Run for a 16 mile road run. After running in the Run For Regis, I was in no mood for trails. We headed out on the blue line for an out & back. My mission was to get Bob & Cindy to commit to the Mohican 50 Miler June 19, 2010. We had kicked around the idea to get our first 50 miler done in 2010. I got it done…We will be registering for the 50 miler on Monday Jan. 25, 2010.

We got up to Portage Path and Debi was lagging behind, I keep coaxing her to “pick up the pace” and letting her know we were here to run with her. She wanted to turn and run down the hill, which would of gave her 7-8 miles. I talked her into running to Highland Square with us then if she wanted to run down the hill she could….NOT….Once we got to the hill I talked her into running back with us. We stopped from time to time to walk and slowed down to run with her and pushed her to run with us. I keep saying sometimes running isn’t always about ME. Sometime you have to find it in yourself to run for another purpose.

This week plan is to run:
Monday at lunch time (6-7 miles)
a flippin dark-thirty Tuesday Morning run with Bob (one hour)
Wed. Lunch time run (6-7 miles)
Another flippin dark-thirty run (one hour)
Friday AM 14 mile road run
Sat off
Sunday afternoon 16 mile roads


Kim said...

This week will be better.
I should be seeing you at Mohican,
I will be crewing for a friend running the 100.

ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

That's one heck of a week, but we all have them from time to time. I will be at mohican "100".

Sensationally Red said...

Hey, nice to see a you a post from you and glad you got Bob and I to commit to killing ourselves out at Mohican. It'll be fun!!